I’ve been wanting to take a look at Dallas Keuchel’s pitching mechanics. He has been very successful over the last few years with average velocity but with an excellent mix of pitches he can throw for strikes.

First, you can see that Keuchel keeps his weight back we’ll and has good balance in his delivery. He has excellent stride length and doesn’t waste any energy with unwanted movements. He “picks” up the ball with his hand while his pitching arm side elbow never gets above his shoulder. He points the ball at first base with prevents his arm from pronating before release point and helps protect his elbow. However, at the point his front lands his arm isn’t vertical. It’s very close however. He lands soft and with the ball of his foot on the front side which shows his balance, weight transfer and helps to explain his accuracy. Keuchel pronates through release point which protects his UCL and doesn’t open up or fall off of his pitches. Till next time!

Our Grade – B+