Another good year of college baseball is in the books. I was very blessed to be able to witness tremendous young talent and be able to appreciate the game that I love so much.

Being able to travel to Omaha with my father, brother and nephew is a memory I will cherish for a lifetime. As complicated and hectic as life can be sometimes..the peacefulness, tranquility and simplicity of baseball helps put life into perspective for me.

I must start with saying that the Oregon State Beavers is the absolute best baseball team I’ve ever seen on a field. They were extremely well rounded and showed very little flaws in their game. Their biggest flaw was probably only losing 4 games all year leading up to the World Series. Their backs were never really up against the wall until they played their second and third games against LSU. You can feel they played tense and was uncomfortable doing so. LSU taking two games in a row from them after being dominated 13-1 in their previous game was the most impressive games I’ve seen in a long time giving how well rounded and coached they were. OSU is a young team and I will predict today that Oregon State Beavers will be your 2018 College World Series Champions. They are that young and that good.

Florida State had a decent team as I was able to watch a few of their games. They threw a soft lefty in their first game against LSU. I’ve never seen a pitcher work off of their change up as much as this pitcher did. It was quite impressive. Cal State Fullerton was very forgettable in my opinion. Terrible decision making and base running.

I was very excited about the finals matchup having played baseball in Gainesville for two years I made lots of friends there. Being I am from Louisiana we always have a good time trash talking back and forth. Truth is I love good baseball more than I love any one team. So, I was more hurt over some of the baseball decisions Paul Maineri made than the actual finals loses. I won’t get deep into this but I think starting Russell Reynolds was a mistake. If you do decide to pitch him stick to a plan and do not deviate especially after back to back walks when starting the forth inning. I believe safety squeezes and sac bunts should have been utilized in certain situations.

Florida’s pitching staff earns itself a whole paragraph by itself. While I typically get in depth with pitching mechanics I will not go there because that part wasn’t really good or worth talking about. However, the tenasity and courage these guys have are unbelievable. They have Alex Faedo and Brady Singer who are probably the best 1-2 in the country. They both have a high ceiling with nasty, hard, late breaking “stuff.” They command both sizes of the plate and knew how to properly attack a hitter. Hats off to the Florida pitching staff. They were truly impressive.

One last impression that will stay with me is the LSU’s fans that showed up by the tens of thousands. They were able to see Jared Porche tie and ultimately beat the all time wins record for LSU. They are the absolute best fan base in college baseball and the most passionate I have ever seen. Omaha residents and business people love them. They are down to earth and humble but FUN!

Anyways after another memorable college baseball season in the books I’ll be waiting for MLB wildcard, playoff and World Series matchups. Till next time!