UPDATE – Today I found out that Todd Peterson was having some shoulder issues about four days after I first wrote this article. I’m wondering how long Peterson has been rushing and his timing has been off. This could definitely contribute to Peterson’s shoulder tenderness. His rushing/timing issue is something he can easily fix and hopefully his shoulder issue is temporary and he can put this behind him.

If anyone reads articles on my site in depth they know that I am a big fan of Todd Peterson. I was able to watch his outing at the 2017 College World Series in person and get some video where he pitched .2 innings and issued 2 walks.

I know the still photos are from different angles but it was apparent to me that he was rushing his delivery (hips) and unable to get to a consistent release point which is why he was leaving balls up in the zone. You can tell in the still photos and video that he is spending more time over the rubber and keeping his weight/hips back longer in the second image. I realize in big situations when you adrenaline is pumping it is tough to stay within yourself and not rush your delivery. However, I just wanted to point out my opinion on what I think was going on in his outing. To win the CWS I think LSU will have to rely on guys like Peterson to give them good quality innings. Till next time.