IMG_4007I was fortunate enough to watch Nick Lodolo of TCU at the 2017 College World Series. He was the 41st overall pick in the 2016 MLB draft by the Pittsburgh Pirates. I was immediately intrigued by his poise, control and athleticism for being 6-6ft tall. He uses his body extremely well and will continue to fill out his frame. He reminded me of a young Andrew Miller (but better).

Lodolo features a low 90’s fastball that I seen him run up to 95mph. He has a devastating curveball that is knee buckling and an above average change up. He produces a lot of weak contact. He has excellent hip and shoulder separation which is where his velocity is produced. He also pronates through release point which is why you see a lot of arm side run on his fastball. Like I said before he is very athletic on the mound and seems calm on a big stage.

After looking at some still photos there is one frame that could improve. If you look at the pictures you can see where his elbow gets slightly above his shoulder. At foot strike his trunk starts to rotate but yet his arm isn’t all the way vertical and upright. This could cause him some issues in the future. I would say is arm is one frame off which isn’t a huge issue but still would need to be addressed so he would be able to handle a big workload in the MLB.

Our Grade: B-