WWL Article On Eric Walker

UPDATE – Eric Walker pulled himself out of game 6 of College World Series in the top of the 2nd inning against Oregon State with apparent injury. Will Update when we get further information.

On the way to Omaha to the College World Series we received disturbing news of Eric Walker’s injury of a sore “forearm.” From previous experience when teams mention a forearm it is typically an elbow injury. If this is the case it cripples LSU’s chances of going deep into the tournament because of an already thin bullpen. I would really enjoy seeing freshman Todd Peterson make a start in the CWS. I think he is a non-emotion pitcher who doesn’t get rattled very easily. Plus, I think he has some of the cleanest pitching mechanics I’ve seen and I would like to see him be successful.

With Walker’s injury it prompted me to take a look at some still photos of him. Some of what I seen was troublesome. It would make sense that he is having some arm issues. Check out the still photos. It is evident that Walker’s arm isn’t getting up vertical in time at point of front foot contact. His arm seems to “drag” a good bit after his front foot landing. This will cause extra stress on the elbow and shoulder joints. You can also see his front side flying open pretty heavily. There wasn’t a lot of still photos available but I was wondering if his elbow is getting up above his shoulder as well. I’ll try and get some video so I can take a closer look. I hope that this is just “soreness” and not some deeper rooted issue. I hope he is okay because this has to be a dream of his to pitch in the CWS. Till next time!

UPDATE: Eric Walker of LSU is 100% healthy according to Paul Mainiri and will be starting Monday’s game against Oregon State. Will be a great game!