Alex Lange was just taken in the first round of the MLB baseball draft by the Chicago Cubs. I’ve been one wanting to look at his pitching mechanics for a while. You can see in his delivery that he has some slight timing problems among other issues. In the first picture that his elbow is above his shoulder and his arm isn’t all the way vertical and at 90° when his front foot plants. Also his forearm is pronated before the release point. I call this pre-pronation. When looking at his release point in multiple still photos it is evident he is not pronating through release point. This makes him susceptible to elbow and UCL injuries. Being Alex Lange throws a good hard curveball along with a hard fastball (with no pronation through release point) he will have problems in the future with his elbow and UCL ligament. I do not see any long-term durability as a starter in the MLB. I see him settling in as a middle relief, set up or closer role. These roles will suit him better for a long-term career in Major League Baseball.

Our Grade – C+