IMG_2881.PNGI was able to watch LSU vs Southeastern Louisiana in a midweek game. I sat by LSU’s bullpen and was very troubled at some of their young bullpen arms. However, with that being said I was able to watch Todd Peterson who is a freshman from Florida. I left very impressed and wanted to do an analysis of his pitching mechanics which are some of the best I’ve ever seen.

First, Peterson is very coordinated and athletic for an athlete of his size. He has a smooth, balanced and controlled delivery of the baseball towards the plate. As you can see in the first frame Peterson gets good load of his hips while maintaining good balance. From there he breaks his hands and sits very well into his back leg which helps him not to rush while keeping his weight back.

Although he is about one frame off from getting his arm completely up. You can see in the third frame his front foot has planted and his arm isn’t completely up like in the next frame. This is a very small timing issue that he can easily fix. One good thing is that the ball is pointed towards 3B which indicates he doesn’t have any pre-probation in his forearm which is excellent. Also, his elbow never gets above his shoulder which is excellent as well!

Moving forward as you can see Todd Peterson gets excellent hip and shoulder separation which is why you will see his velocity peak to 96mph. At this point he is still balanced and driving his hip with his front leg to start his extension out front.

In the next frame his arm “lays down” very well. In the last frame you can see his forearm pronating through release point which is why he gets excellent arm side run on his fastball.

Final thoughts: Todd Peterson has a very high ceiling. I believe he will settle in nicely at LSU. I am excited to keep up with him the next few years and watch him develop. He will be an innings eater not only for LSU but in the big leagues. I predict Todd Peterson will go top 5 rounds of the 2019 MLB draft and he will have a 10+ year big league career. His stature, mental toughness and mechanics will make him successful. Till next time!

Our Grade: A-