I’ve always been very critical of Jared Poche’s pitching mechanics. He started the year very hot with a 7 inning no hitter in his first outing followed by a one hit outing. I still believe this is short lived. There is evidence of this in his outing at Florida. You can see his stats below…4bb, 1wp & 2hbp. This isn’t very impressive for a crafty lefty with below average MLB velocity. Poche is still rushing to the plate, landing on his heel, pre-pronating his forearm and his elbow is getting up and above his shoulder. All of this evidence signals disaster. I think this could be the beginning of the end for Jared Poche. It will start with his elbow because of his pre-pronation issues and then get the shoulder. Hopefully he can maintain some sort of velocity throughout the season. I predict his draft stock will fall as the draft approaches. I want him to succeed but if he doesn’t change his mechanics it’s just a matter of time until he will injure himself. If something does happen this year it will soon. Till next time.