Clayton Kershaw has a bit of an unorthodox delivery. He has a drop and drive delivery. We see some good as well as some bad in his delivery.

First Kershaw sets his hands where he picks them high up in the air. Next, his leg lift is high but he lifts his glove high as well. This doesn’t seem very efficient. When he comes down there is a slight pause where he comes to a balanced position which we believe helps him keep his weight back. From there he bends his back legs doing a classis drop and drive towards the plate.

After this point is where his delivery starts to become very borderline. His elbow comes close to getting above and beyond his shoulder. Next, once his front foot lands his PAS arm doesn’t get up to a vertical position but instead stays flat. This causes extra stress on the arm when his trunk starts rotating. However, this torque could possibly be the reason his curveball is so sharp.

From then he pronates through release point and has an excellent follow through. Till next time.

Our Grade: B