I was able to watch a great pitching matchup in  game 2 of the nlcs. After watching the first few innings I was able to grasp a feel for his mechanics and proceeded to do some research. For a 6-6 lefty I must say you can see the athleticism. I noticed his arm was slightly late to the up and ready position at the time of his front foot plant. As I looked at slo-mo video of him I noticed the same scenario. There are many reports of him tweaking his mechanics and I’m wondering if he has had trouble with that in the past.

I will say that for as hard as Syndergaard throws he will have to learn to keep his weight back slightly more and what I call “pick the ball up with your hand” and not your elbow. You can see when he lifts the ball up to the ready position he is lifting it with his elbow and not with his hand.

One last thing I noticed is his pitches seem to be somewhat flat and what I could maybe attribute to pronating after release point. This causes higher strain on his ucl. While I didn’t see any alarming things in his delivery I hope that he can fine tune some things to be able to with stand multiple 200+ inning seasons.

I’m excited to keep up with him next year and hopefully see more mechanical progress and “pitchability.”
Our Grade: C