Deception. When I think of the mechanics of Louis Coleman with the Kansas City Royals and formally LSU Tigers this is what comes to mind and this is where it ends. I want to thank the Kansas City Royals for saving the career of Coleman by putting him in the bullpen because his unorthodox mechanics would not have been sustainable as a starter in the big leagues.

First, let’s talk about deception. This is the reason Coleman is a successful reliever in the MLB. He comes at you with a very low 3/4 arm angle with great arm side run and a “slurvy” wipeout slider. This, coupled with throwing across his body causes the deception that allows him to be successful.
Now let’s talk about his actual pitching mechanics. During his leg kick he turns his back toward the plate which I do not recommend because it is tough to retain balance doing this throughout your delivery. He rushes pretty extremely to the plate in my opinion which is where the “wheels fall off” so to speak.
He “picks up the ball” with his elbow and goes above and beyond his shoulder which causes extra stresses on his elbow and shoulder. He lands on the heel of his foot which disrupts momentum towards the plate. He also does something I call “pre-probation by pointing the ball towards center field and not 3B. Pronation is what protects a pitchers UCL but by doing this too soon a pitcher has difficulty pronating through release point which decreases arm side run and puts extreme pressure on a pitchers UCL. Coleman’s arm side run can be attributed to his low arm slot.
Coleman is fun to watch with his deceptive delivery however it is tough on his body. If he were a long reliever or starter pitching over 100-150 innings a year he wouldn’t last long. I wish him the best however I do not see anyone changing anything in his delivery this late in his career. Till next time.

Our Grade: C+

3.5 Tool Pitcher