I’ve been wanting to take a look at the lefty Jared Porche’s pitching mechanics from LSU. He has had a good bit of expectation. While he had a solid 2015 season (3.05 ERA) it was a slight down year to what he had accomplished in the previous 2014 season. While taking a look at a few still photos I was instantly alarmed by what I saw. LSU fans have a few reasons to be worried and here is why.

Jared Poche shows a very significant timing/rushing problem very similar to CJ Wilson in the MLB who had elbow surgery in 2015 and shoulder surgery in 2016. In the pictures below you can see how both of his elbows get above his shoulders. This is the cause of a timing problem in which his weight doesn’t stay back in enough time for his arm to catch up to his body. Another sign is him landing with his heel on his landing leg which you can clearly see in the still photos below. This can cause significant shoulder issues.
Now let’s take a look at two other issues. I notice that he points the ball towards second base during his delivery. I can this pre-pronation of the forearm. It makes it more difficult to pronate his arm through release point. Without pronation through release point you have a tendency for you pitches to be more “flat” and you put more of a strain on your ucl or “Tommy John” ligament. You can see what I am talking about in the still photos below. 
I would predict that Jared Poche will continuing a downward spiral in 2016 and beyond. I hope that the coaching staff can recognize these flaws in his delivery and make adjustments to correct this.
One thing that Jared Poche does portray is excellent hip/shoulder separation at his power position which gives him his excellent velocity. But, with a bad timing issue and other issues he will be a detriment to himself. Again, I hope that the staff an make some adjustments.
With all of this being said if he doesn’t make corrections teams beware for the MLB Draft 2017.