Jake Arrieta has been dominating MLB the last year in a half. Baseball people are wondering, “where did he come from?” After taking a closer look it is easy to realize how he created his success. His mechanics are picture perfect but difficult to repeat.

However, when you put the type of mechanics he has together and can repeat you will be very successful and healthy.

1. Incredible work ethic. His workouts help with athleticism, core and agility which are key components to help efficiencies of a pitcher.

2. Mental toughness. Jake Arrieta is a very analytical person and almost overthinks his mechanics and approach. But once he figured out what was the best way to deliver pitches and attack hitters he saw success.

2. Clean pitching mechanics. He doesn’t have a lot of moving parts but he does everything perfect. There’s one thing he does that I will talk about later that helps with weight transfer and velocity.

He has a good leg kick and spends a lot of time over the rubber. He keeps his front hip and glove side arm closed until the last second when the pitch is delivered. This allows him to keep his weight back which helps him put more “action” on his pitches out in from. He pronates very hard through release point which explains his incredible movement.

His “hip glide” towards the plate is probably the best ever. Right before his foot lands he “pushes” off of the rubber which helps him gain a few inches with his stride and allows more time to gather himself to keep his weight back. When his foot lands he violently transfers his weight opening his front hip creating excellent hip/shoulder separation and delivers the pitch pronating his arm through release point.

Jake Arrieta listens to his body which I believe is why he has his mechanics and weight transfer allow him to gain velocity and movement. I see him being very healthy and will have a very successful career.