I want to like Gio. A pitcher that overcomes a 5-10 stature to get drafted in the first round of the 2004 MLB Draft and have a successful big league career earns my respect. His hip/shoulder separation and strong/flexible core is ridiculous which is where he gets arm speed and velocity. It reminds me of a Tim Lincecum except Gio comes at you with a low 3/4 arm slot. He also points the ball to center field in his power position which is called pre-pronation. He still maintains excellent arm side run despite this.

I’m going to add a picture below that shows him raising the baseball with his elbow but then recovers by picking the ball up with his hand in right before his power position. It’s very conflicting but he makes up for his mistakes. I also noticed that his shoulder has extreme elasticity and looseness. I worry about his labrum because he is slightly late getting his arm up to power and because of the looseness in his shoulder. I wonder about the instability of his shoulder and a labrum tear. This analogy I understand is contradicting because he has been durable year after year.

On a different note I love his “stuff” especially his breaking pitches. He comes at you with an excellent slurve because he arm slot is so lowered. Again, I have my worries but I hope that he succeeds and proves me wrong!

Our Grade: C-