Good afternoon everyone. After game 7 of the World Series I’ve been able to think a lot about Joe Maddon of the Cub’s pitching decisions and moves in game 6 and 7. I was very disappointed in Maddon’s careless decisions throughout the end of the series. After Aroldis Chapman’s workload he sent him out in the 9th inning of Game 6 with a 9-2 lead.
I have a few issues with this. One, do you not trust your pen with a 7 run lead?? At this point in the season you need to trust your pitching depth because whatever team has this depth has the better chances of winning any 7 game series. Two, Maddon knows there is a good possibility that he will have to extend Chapman in game 7 so why send him back out in the 9th when you know this?

In game 7 there were some very questionable decisions by Maddon. First, in the 5th he pulls Kyle Hendricks in favor of Jon Lester. Hendricks was on cruise control, filling the zone and very composed. He gave up a 2 out walk when the umpire missed an obvious strike 3 call. So, with two outs Maddon goes with Lester who is on two days rest, pitching his first game 7 and with a runner on base that he can’t hold. I’m not arguing not putting Lester in the game at some point but the timing of that decision. Lester looked very shaky the first two innings he was in. He settled in after two innings which at that point Maddon pulls Lester in favor of Chapman which is again questionable after Lester is settled in. Chapman looked tired and overworked. He gave up a game tying home run. Also, in the 9th he came out throwing sliders which is a MLB average slider at best. For a guy that is capable of throwing a 105mlb fastball this is embarrassing. Also, he throws a slider on a full count in the 9th.

Lastly, in the 10th with two outs the Cubs catcher calls first pitch slider which was very surprising considering the two run lead. He ends up giving up a two out walk. Maddon is very lucky he won these last two games because he would have some very tough questions to answer in my opinion. Till next time!