I’ve been studying Corey Kleuber’s pitching mechanics since his rise in the MLB with the Indians and even more in the 2016 World Series vs the Cubs where he pitched games 1, 4 and 7 on three days rest. After noticing some problematic mechanical issues I was even more worried about his arm health
after his workload in the playoffs and especially the World Series. You can see in the first picture that he gets good loading in his hips on his initial leg lift. In pictures 2 and 3 you can see how his front foot has landed and his pitching arm side is still not vertical. This is a huge issue because his arm is not ready to deliver the baseball at this point. From here moving forward in his delivery his arm is playing “catch up” with his body. This could explain his nice sharp breaking pitches as his arm speed is slightly increased because it is in “hurry” mode catching up with his body. This can temporarily increase velocity and sharpness in his breaking balls. However, these movements are very hard on Kleuber’s shoulder and in particular his labrum. The 4th photo shows Kleuber’s evidence inverted W or M in his delivery which means his weight is very out in front. His elbow is up and over his shoulder. He is “picking up the ball” with his elbow. Very troubling and problematic. I would see Kleuber start a decline in peformance in 2017 following forearm “strains”, shoulder “tendinitis” or “sore” shoulder which is normally what MLB teams will say typically hiding serious injury that has happened or will happen. I predict issues will start in 2017 and if something doesn’t change serious injury in 2018. I hope this is not the case and we wish Kleuber the best but we hope he or someone close to him takes notice to his serious mechanical flaws.