Carson Fulmer was drafted in the 1st round by the Chicago White Sox in 2015. While I love his intensity and focus on the mound, I see a few ways that he could improve and if not I believe he could serve an excellent role as a premium set up man or closer.

First, when you watched Carson Fulmer at Vanderbilt there is no denying has a maximum effort delivery. I believe this intensity and high focus serves short relief and closers well; not starters.

If the White Sox do see him in a starter role there are many things that he would need to adjust to be able to survive the rigors of being a starter in Major League Baseball.

First, you can notice in the still pictures below that Fulmer “picks up the baseball” with his elbow and not his hand. This allows his elbows to get above his shoulders which puts his arm at risk. You can see that when his foot plants his arm isn’t up and ready to deliver the baseball. This puts maximum stress on the shoulder of a pitcher preferably the labrum and/or rotator cuff. The last thing that I noticed was off was the movement of his head during his delivery. He is always moving his head around and it flys open while he releases the baseball. This can hurt a pitchers ability to properly locate the baseball.

One thing that I do see that Fulmer does well is that he points the ball to third base which allows him to properly pronate his forearm through his release point if his arm can get there in time being that he has a timing/rushing problem.

I hope that either Fulmer can make some adjustments so that he can have a long career or he needs to be a full time short relief or closer. I believe this role would suit him well.